Podcast 051 – AK47

1 November in Hard Bass Dealers

Oldschooler of the French scene, AK47 never left the decks since 1993.

From Early Rave to Industrial, Speedcore to Breakcore, Drum & Bass to Gabber, AK47 has spread hard and dark madness around the world: in the UK, Holland, Belgium, USA, Switzerland, Germany and throughout France.

In 1997, he creates, with his partners in crime, BudBurNerZ, that quickly becomes one of the top French Hardcore collectives around the world for its unique sound, with more than 17 EP’s and 6 albums (including 2 on Epileptik’s label).

In June 2010, AK47 has been elected co-president of Technopol – Techno Parade, and is now one of the “voices” of the French electronic music scene as well as one of the promoters of the Paris Techno Parade that gathers more than 300.000 people and 20 trucks in the streets of Paris since 1998.

With the second Therapy Sessions Paris coming up on November 10th at Glazart, featuring Eye-D & Hidden, Dylan and Robyn Chaos, AK47 introduces us to his own take on Bass Music : Hardcore will never die!


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