Podcast 052 – Cursa

It’s been 3 years. 3 years that Cursa have been finding their way between deepness and darkness. Only 3 years, but DNB heads have had ample time to discover this quality duo with solid old-shool influences. 3 years later, then, and here’s the result, with releases on Buried AudioThe Crescent or Mirrors Audio.

Released in 2011, their stylish “Starting Point” EP on Hustle Audio gets the remix treatment. Yes, the whole EP (it’s rare enough for young producers) is remixed by the likes of Bazil, Trisector and Inztance, and your HARD BASS DEALERS deeply recomend their « Deep Response » (Pessimist Remix)!

You got it, Cursa is a killer combo, “made in UK”, that needs to be closely followed.    Do not miss their upcoming releases on DFRNT or Demand Records, Retrospective Recordings and Icarus Audio.

Cursa is in the Mix for HARD BASS DEALERS, with Skeptical, Spinline, J. Robinson, June Miller, Icicle, A.S.K., Hybrid Minds, Commix, Nu:Tone, Fearful… and of course lots of Cursa !  

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