Podcast 053 – Octane & DLR ft MC Gusto

As an exclusive treat for Hard Bass Dealers, here is Octane & DLR‘s set on the legendary MOAT Stage at Outlook Festival 2012, for the Soul:Ution/Momentum takeover.

Does the most inspired and talented duo of the moment really need introduction? Jay DLR, “the method”, the musican, and Chris Octane, “the madness”, the technician : true DNB heads realise their influence. But the two producers and DJs hailing from Leeds are less known from the general public.

Nevertheless, listening to their debut album, out last September on Dispatch Recordings, is convincing enough : “Method in The Madness” is one of the most anticipated and acclaimed albums of 2012.

Funky, original, cinematic, with carefully crafted, punchy basslines, Octane & DLR go way beyond the simple scope of Drum’n Bass. “The way we work always seems to lead us down a different path to where we intended” (Chris, “Knowledge Mag” 25/09/12).

A recipe for success in the DNB world of today?
“Method In The Madness”, Octane & DLR, Dispatch Recordings, 2012.

Octane & DLR on Soundcloud

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